Angelica Lemke’s Practice and School


Intuitive homeopathy is home to Angelica Lemke’s private practice, as well as the classes on homeopathy, healing and intuition that she offers to mothers and aspiring healers everywhere. Her mission and purpose are threefold:

To provide homeopathic and natural care for individuals and families with an open-minded and ever-evolving view towards understanding the full breadth of health and healing

To foster exploration of intuitive approaches in homeopathy in order to identify, develop, and spread the use of new methods that can help us collectively keep pace with the rapidly evolving ecology of global human health & disease

To inspire, inform and support all homeopaths and parents alike who are interested in exploring and developing intuitive tools to enrich homeopathic treatment and heal others

“Our senses, our instincts, our imagination

Are always a step ahead of our reason”

– Octavio Paz