Angelica has taught and mentored aspiring healers for the past three years with online classes, direct mentorship on cases, in-person seminars, and many writings and teachings. News on upcoming events and classes, as well as existing teaching materials, will be made available on this website over time.


A Message from Angelica on Learning Homeopathy

When I began practicing, I soon learned that standard approaches in medicine – both mainstream and alternative – often did not produce sufficient results for many of my patients. Parents came to me after they had tried everything else, and their children were frequently worse off for it. My first lesson, therefore, was faith – faith that there had to be answers, and faith that those answers can be found within ourselves and our deep intuitive ability to heal. Many other lessons came along the way – I learned that parents also need to heal themselves in order to heal their kids, and that there has to be an authentic desire for healing that does not lean on the practitioner, but empowers the parent and child. I also learned that we have to keep a very open mind as to what tools to use in healing, thus the emphasis on using intuition.

Homeopathy is one of the most powerful energy medicine tools that I have personally experienced. When used well, it effectively removes layers of limiting beliefs and conditions, allowing the full innate healing ability to proceed on mental, emotional and physical levels. However, homeopathy is a growing system of medicine – while there are some strong tenets within homeopathy that have proven useful over and over again, there is much to be discovered and understood. My toolbox starts with classical homeopathy but expands into the teachings of Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, and others, and is integrated and solidified by a reliance on my own personal intuition and knowing.

And that is the ultimate tenet of my personal approach – YOU are the most powerful tool in medicine. Learning to quiet the mind and truly settle into your authentic soul – learning to listen to your inner voice – is the first and most important step in healing and evolution. My hope with the Intuitive Homeopathy is simply to provide tools and guidance to help you along the way to your own personal destination. As stated in a Course in Miracles, “Healing is the Removing of Blocks to the Awareness of Love” – you are love!

“When the mind becomes clear and balanced and is no longer captured by objects,

an opening may occur, and for a moment we see who we really are.”

– Charlotte Joko Beck