One of the wonderful things about developing the intuitive aspects of a homeopathic practice is the one to one linkage between developing skill as a healer and your own self-development. The two are inextricably linked – when you develop and listen to your own inner voice and intuition, it will make itself heard throughout your life.

As such, the qualities and skills of an intuitive homeopath are themselves holistic, pertaining not just to the hours you spend as a practitioner, but throughout each and every day. To help cultivate this approach, there are, therefore, many important personal qualities and practices. Here are just a few:

  • Openness and curiosity towards the synchronicities of the world
  • Patience with the naturally unfolding, organic learning process presented to one by the universe
  • A humble or well-balanced attitude – homeopaths who tend to take credit for healing to the point of inflating their ego can, conversely, block intuition; credit is shared with the universe, and the responsibility for healing is equally shared with the one who heals
  • An openness of the senses, and a drive to think creatively and expansively
  • The ability to listen and respond with a compassionate heart
  • The understanding that the right client comes to you at the right time – and the realization that issues arising with clients are critical opportunities for learning and self-evaluation
  • A desire to work with higher guidance, and accept help from wise guides

The greatest blockages towards intuition, on the other hand, are often overactive elements of the ego, amongst other things. Watch out for “tools the ego uses”, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, which include “fear, complaining, resentment, being right and making wrong.” I would simply add that what you can concentrate on instead are the tools the spirit uses: Love, gratitude, forgiveness, neutrality, and non-judgment.

These are some of the qualities that have been important to my ongoing development as a practitioner and a person – feel free to leave your own additions in the comments below.