I consider myself a fairly grounded and practical person, with a deep-seated curiosity and desire to find solutions that provide clear results for my patients. My intention, with any healing approach, is to be open-minded and explorative, not dogmatic or rigid. My strong faith in intuition has organically emerged from a long, and sometimes difficult, effort to help hundreds of complex cases, particularly autism and related disorders, heal through the correct selection and application of homeopathic medicine.

When I first started treating autism four years ago, my belief was that a single, correct remedy would heal a case. Post reality-check, this probably held true for perhaps 5% of my cases, and, when it did occur, would usually involve a generally physically healthy child who was incredibly introverted, and would respond amazingly well to a remedy like Natrum Muriaticum. However, the vast majority of children I’ve seen have severely impaired immune systems, multiple sources and layers of serious toxicity, and often a family history of serious allergic reaction, autoimmune issues, gastrointestinal illness, and deep-seated mental and/or emotional components.

Though I diligently applied the methods of classical homeopathy I had been taught, it was not sufficiently impacting the majority of my cases. I would often see hopeful reactions to well-selected constitutional prescriptions, only to have the benefits quickly disperse as these children ran up against severe blockages to healing such as severe yeast, bacterial, or viral infections, heavy metal toxicities, pharmaceutical reactions, and other hurdles. I began to identify the core behavioral and physical symptoms that would indicate the presence of these different blockages to cure, but what I began to need was a more reliable tool to make fine differentiations amongst similar or closely related nosodes, such as Strep Faecalis vs Strep Pyogenes, or other remedies, make better choices on potency and dosing regimes, and be able to explore remedies with little materia medica information.

For a common example, I’d be asking whether a child’s OCD was the result of a Strep infection or a parasite. Ideally, a great constitutional remedy bolsters a person sufficiently to clear Strep and parasite infections away. However, due to vaccines, environmental toxicities, drug interventions, suppressions, and other factors, these children’s bodies are often unable to recognize and respond sufficiently. The complexities, subtleties, and decisions were overwhelming, and I needed new tools to make progress.

In the end, it was not from naturopathic school or homeopathic school that I learned muscle testing, it was from the parents in my practice who had learned it to help their children – and I could see from their results how important this tool was going to be in almost all of my cases. So I had to make the jump from my comfort zone in fairly rational and logical prescriptions to sometimes giving remedies on pure, intuitive faith. How did I do this? The following are, in a very general way, the steps that I had to take – steps that are more about making room for new beliefs and viewpoints than they are about simply learning a new method.

Step 1: I had to realize, “THIS CAN BE DONE”. After witnessing that muscle testing was WORKING in my cases over and over, I came to know it was a useful and trustworthy tool.

Step 2: I had to continuously generate a great deal of COMPASSION. I specialize in autism because I feel love and compassion towards children. Sensing what a client needs intuitively with accuracy requires an emanation of love, empathy, and connectivity from the heart.

Step 3: I had to become more NEUTRAL – Cultivating a balanced and neutral attitude is critical so that the outcomes of muscle testing or other intuitive insight is not biased or swayed by rationality and fixed ideas. I realized that if I became too attached to my wishes for a client to heal, their ups and downs became my emotional ups and downs, and negatively influenced by capacity as a healer. And I did not need this roller coaster in my life. I learned to become neutral in my intention to heal a patient, realizing that it is their free will that decides if they will heal. Even children have this free will. Another critical aspect of being Neutral is QUIETING THE MIND. I had to learn to tell myself, “my logical, thinking mind does not really KNOW, but my heart knows.”

Step 4: I had to develop great FAITH. With most of my clients at a distance, I had to have faith that I could connect to them across space, even to sense and connect to their energy and being through a photo or over video. I had to learn that through intention, I could always connect to them. I had to come to understand and believe that where my focus goes, my energy would flow and act.

Step 5: I had to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Becoming intuitive is at once both simple, coming fairly easy to those who are open to it, and a difficult, lifelong skill that strengthens over time. Someone who muscle tests can eventually get to the point where there is just a ‘knowing’ feeling in their heart, where they don’t really have to use their fingers or arms – They just enter that centered space and KNOW what the answer is, with no intermediary.

For me, the results of this path have been extremely rewarding – I have helped hundreds of children recover from complex, chronic disease, or make great strides towards health. And, perhaps more importantly, I have helped inspire many other mothers, some of whom are also contributors to this site, to become practicing, intuitive homeopaths themselves. It is amazing and inspiring to be on this journey with these women as we grow in our learning together.