What is Intuitive Homeopathy?


Intuitive homeopathy is an open-ended approach to homeopathic prescribing and case management that gives a practitioner’s intuitive faculties, those emphasizing direct, empathic knowledge, equal weight alongside the rational, analytical approach that historically defines homeopathy.

As such it is not one cohesive methodology so much as a more expansive foundation upon which to integrate and build homeopathic practice. Above all, intuitive homeopathy is an evolving, individualized, and dynamic approach that fosters creativity and personal development.


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To inspire, inform and support homeopaths and their clients alike who are interested in exploring and developing intuitive tools to enrich homeopathic treatment
To foster exploration of intuitive approaches in homeopathy in order to identify, develop, and spread the use of new methods that can help us collectively keep pace with the rapidly evolving ecology of global human health & disease
To unify and provide a common discussion space for the growing group of homeopaths worldwide who highly value and effectively apply their intuitive capacities to assist in their homeopathic practice

“Our senses, our instincts, our imagination

Are always a step ahead of our reason”

– Octavio Paz